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Some cleaning jobs can be incredibly difficult to cope with. If you’ve ever been outside in your garden trying to scrub down your patio or decking, you’ll know how true this is.

But there is an easy way and a hard way to get any of these types of jobs done, from cleaning off the patio to washing your car. The Nilfisk range of pressure washers is an outstanding range that features a number of different washers designed for all purposes and budgets. If you know you are going to do a lot of cleaning you should consider getting one of these pressure washers to use on a regular basis. It is well worth investing your money in them.

Here are just some of the pressure washers available in the Nilfisk pressure washer range.

The Nilfisk C110 3-5 PCA X-tra Pressure Washer

This is the entry level range and it retails for well under £100 if you look around for a bargain. It operates at 110 bar and comes complete with a two year guarantee. One of the best features is that it is lightweight and easy to control and use – just perfect for all manner of garden and home tasks. If you hate cleaning you'll enjoy it when you have one of these to rely on.

The Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC Pressure Washer

If you want to go one step further than the most basic pressure washer in the Nilfisk range, you should opt for the C120 3-6 PC model instead. It benefits from a hose reel attached to the top of the washer unit itself, so it is easy to reach and use no matter what kind of cleaning job you are doing. It also has a power nozzle so you can enjoy even easier cleaning every time you use it.

The Nilfisk E140 2-9 S X-tra Pressure Washer

This model is for the dedicated hard working person who has regular need of a strong and long lasting pressure washer that will never let them down. Whatever you need it for, whether it is cleaning in the garden, washing down walls or floors or hosing down the car, you'll get superb results from this model. Built for domestic use but packing in plenty of power, it boasts a nine metre long hose that is ideal for all situations.

The Nilfisk P150 2-10 X-tra Pressure Washer

A top of the range model, the P150 is semi professional so although it is intended for the domestic market it packs plenty of power into its small unit. With easy rolling wheels and two handles positioned at different angles, you will find the Nilfisk P150 able to cater for every cleaning job you have to do. The telescopic handle and hose roll both provide ample freedom to use your pressure washer however it suits you best.

There is no doubt that a Nilfisk pressure washer can accommodate every cleaning task you want to put it through. Whatever you need to clean, Nilfisk is there to help.

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