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Pressure washers are perfect for turning complex and hard cleaning jobs into much faster, easier and more pleasant tasks. If you are considering purchasing a top quality pressure washer to cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning around your home and garden, you should consider Karcher.

This manufacturer will be instantly familiar thanks to their striking yellow colours; indeed all their pressure washers come in yellow and black. Let’s see which of the following models would suit you best.

The Karcher K2.120 Pressure Washer

For a low cost pressure washer that you can rely on, consider the K2.120 model. This offers 100 bar pressure and a 1400 watt motor, providing a lot more power to your elbow! The small unit is designed to be easily carried in one hand while the other hand is free to carry the trigger gun. This is designed to be comfortable to use and carry for longer periods of time, although the machine is ideal for light cleaning tasks.

The Karcher K3.200 Compact Pressure Washer Set

This packs a lot more into its space than the previous model, so if you want something a little more robust and able to handle a range of tasks around the home and garden, this could be the pressure washer to get. It is designed for cleaning patios and is built with 120 bar pressure. The motor is also cooled by water so it is able to cope with whatever you use it for. You will also appreciate the small wheeled unit which makes it easier to transport.

The Karcher K4.200 Compact Pressure Washer Set

The next step up from the K3.200 model, this packs a little more pressure with a 130 bar unit. It also comes with a built in hose that runs to six metres long, making it ideal for all kinds of different jobs. It can handle 440 litres of water every hour so as long as you have cleaning jobs to complete, the K4.200 model will be there helping you get them all done in record time. You will also receive a washing brush included free with the pressure washer, providing you with even more reasons to consider this model.

The Karcher K5.200 Compact Pressure Washer and Chassis Cleaner

As the name might suggest, this pressure washer is built to cope with serious car cleaning when your car is at its dirtiest. Packing in an impressive 140 bar of pressure, this cleaner is compact yet powerful and has a six metre hose stretching out from the main unit. The ergonomically friendly gun is handy to hold and use for all manner of cleaning tasks, so you'll never find it awkward or tricky to hold for long periods.

Whichever model you decide to invest in, the Karcher brand is definitely one of the best ones on the market today. It provides you with lots of tools and accessories and every pressure washer is built to last, coming with a long guarantee as well for peace of mind.

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